If you choose to read this book, your beliefs will be challenged in ways you never thought possible and from a vantage point you may have never considered.
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The runaway best-selling Muscle and a Shovel now in hardback.

This Collector’s Edition version is made with the highest quality matte finish, and deep resolution graphics printed directly onto the entire exterior cover (NO dust jacket).

Every copy sold will be hand-signed by the author and all proceeds will go toward our prison ministry efforts. This book is created to last decades.

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Your purchase of this hardback funds our prison ministry efforts

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Muscle and A Shovel

10TH EDITION:  The 10th Edition is the original version that has been professionally edited and includes the updated cover pictured here.  This edition also includes Randall’s Secret, End Notes, Bibliography and the complete index of all Scriptural References used throughout the story.  The KJV is the version used and referenced within the story.

DISTRIBUTING AT OUR PRINTING/PRODUCTION COST:  In 2018 we stripped all profit from our products and began offering them at our printing/production costs in an effort to expand the distribution of the work and to help the church reach the largest number of people at the lowest possible price.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, so we have decided to extend the offer throughout this current batch of 5,000 print copies.  Supplies are limited due to the response and demand.

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As low as $12.95 per copy!
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Muscle and a Shovel Student Workbook

The Muscle and a Shovel Student Workbook is designed to be the premiere companion training tool for anyone who wants to become a “Randall” in effectively sharing Christ’s gospel message. The workbook engages the student in a three-fold training system which brings about lively group discussions, practical homework assignments, and proven methods of evangelizing that anyone can learn and implement immediately.

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Bulk Pricing Available
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Teacher's Manual

The Muscle and a Shovel Teacher’s Manual is the instructor’s guide and answer-key (please see the Muscle and a Shovel Student Workbook for detailed description of workbook). This teacher’s manual is designed to help the course instructor lead the group in discussion, to assist in implementing recommended evangelistic techniques, to monitor group progress, and to provide specific answers to workbook questions. This product is a must have guide for any Muscle and a Shovel class course.

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(Paperback only)

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When Shovels Break

When Shovels Break is the break-out sequel to Muscle and a Shovel. The novel is the compelling true follow up about Michael’s best friend, John, and his fall from faith, his return to sin, and the incredible power of God’s grace and forgiveness!

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Second volume in the Muscle and a Shovel Trilogy
(Paperback only)

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HAH Front Cover

Hope Against Hope

Hope Against Hope is quickly becoming our newest best-seller, as Jonetta reveals every woman’s hidden power, her ability to transform even the worst marriage into an incredible relationship, and the deep secret need of every man.

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Revel Knox

Revel Knox: Seven Times from Hell is a classic western novel by Michael Shank that is an intense roller-coaster ride of a story! The plot twists are mind blowing as the story is written in a contemporary style. The beauty of the story is the unusual nature in which the gospel is tied seamlessly into the storyline. Revel Knox is a clean and exciting read for every reader; however, it’s important to note that it has violent content. This book is an awesome alternative to modern books, movies, and television.

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revel knox western novel

Other Translations Available

``Go into all the world``

Spanish Version

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Portuguese Version

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