Muscle and a Shovel

Muscle and a Shovel

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10TH EDITION: The 10th Edition is the original version that has been professionally edited and includes the updated cover pictured here. This edition also includes Randall’s Secret, End Notes, Bibliography and the complete index of all Scriptural References used throughout the story. The KJV is the version used and referenced within the story.

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Please scroll down for a detailed description of the story.

You are the hands of feet of Jesus Christ. Do you know people who have not obeyed the gospel? Do you run into people that you would like to share the gospel with in your daily life? What a great opportunity to stock up on this tool! Introduce Randall to everyone you meet! Scatter the seed wherever you go!

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Free download for instructions for using Muscle and a Shovel Here!

Muscle and a Shovel is the best-selling true story about eighteen-year-old newly-weds, Michael and Jonetta Shank. The couple moves from rural southern Illinois to Nashville in pursuit of the American Dream; however, their beliefs about God, faith, and the Bible are turned upside-down after befriending a young black man named Randall. The story reveals truth in a way never before seen. Over one million copies in print.

Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Catholics, Pentecostals, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Community Churches – no one is spared when Truth is at stake and their new friend doesn’t care about political correctness or religious tolerance.

Prepare to have your intellect, emotions and existing beliefs set on fire!

If you choose to read this book your beliefs will be challenged in ways you never thought possible and from a vantage point you may have never considered. The fact that this is non-fiction is one reason why this story is so compelling and powerful. This book will anger, frustrate and agitate your senses beyond description.

It will force you to examine the beliefs you hold close to your heart, but you won’t finish this book without being satisfied. If your sensibilities are easily offended, this story is probably not for you. In fact, many who begin the story won’t make it to the end of the book. Those who do will find something far more valuable than the purchase price of the book.

This story will grip you from opening to close and will stimulate your spirit on levels you didn’t think possible. Get ready to fight or flee because Muscle and a Shovel is one of those rare books that will raise your heart-rate and your blood-pressure. You won’t want to wait to share it with your friends or you’ll want to dowse it in gasoline and set on fire! There’ll be no middle ground.

Many Christian reviewers have said, “This book will turn our current religious world upside-down!”

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