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Muscle and a Shovel [Teacher Manual]

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The Muscle and a Shovel Teacher’s Manual is the instructor’s guide and answer-key (please see the Muscle and a Shovel Student Workbook for detailed description of workbook). This teacher’s manual is designed to help the course instructor lead the group in discussion, to assist in implementing recommended evangelistic techniques, to monitor group progress, and to provide specific answers to workbook questions. This product is a must have guide for any Muscle and a Shovel class course.

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This Muscle and a Shovel Bible Class Teacher’s Manual was designed to equip you, the instructor, with the necessary information to help your students grow in knowledge and excitement toward the objective of becoming sowers of the gospel seed.

This course manual will assist you in guiding your class toward several objectives:

  • Memorization of key scriptures using the method called Randall’s Secret
  • Student participation in simple, practical, real-life activities during the week
  • Facilitating and guiding lively class discussions based on the biblical principles
    of Randall’s teachings

The Lord’s church is in need of a Second Restoration Movement, and you will play a key role in making this hope a reality. The body of Christ is currently focused on attendance numbers; however, this manual will help you, the instructor, shift this current focus back to the biblical focus of sowing the gospel seed everywhere we go!

My hope and prayer is that you will find this manual a powerful tool in helping your students deepen their faith, grow in the Word, and finish with a new excitement to become a Randall! May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you richly!

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