Gabrielle Miller Baptized!

Dear Mike,

Tonight, October 23rd, 2013, Gabrielle Miller was baptized into Christ! She had been thinking about it for a while, but a couple of days ago her mother-in-law Donna (a faithful member of our church) shared Muscle and a Shovel with her.

She was moved by your story and came after church tonight and wanted to talk about being baptized. Gabrielle grew up in the Baptist Church, and she really identified with you. She was baptized in the horse trough at the Jackson Street Church of Christ in Willard, Missouri!

Just wanted to share the good news. Gabrielle said it would be great to share her story in the newsletter. She just wants others to have a chance to know the Truth and to bring glory to God.

Joe Brumfield, Gospel Preacher & good friend
church of Christ at Springfield, Missouri