Brooke and Andrew Adcock’s Story


Three members of Kensington Woods church of Christ, Roger, Lori, and my wife Kim own a local restaurant in Hattiesburg. Andrew is one of the cooks and Brooke is a waitress.

Roger bought several copies of Muscle and a Shovel and gave one to Andrew with some words about of all the things that he had taught him what was in this book was the most important.

He took it home but didn’t read it; however, Brooke picked it up and read it. She knew that I had read it a couple of times and knew that I also held bible studies with folks. She asked if I would study with them.

We studied with them over four Monday evenings. They were both immersed in Roger’s pool with nine witnesses including Roger, his wife, Lori and her three kids, Lori’s friend, my wife Kim and our son Bradley.

It was pretty cool water, but worth every shiver. They are the first converts in Hattiesburg from reading Muscle and a Shovel. God be the glory.