Jacob Rutledge’s Story

If you’ll remember back a few issues ago a young lady named Ariel Lafleur was baptized into Christ after being taught the gospel by her boyfriend, Jacob Rutledge. You’ll need the back-story to really appreciate what happened.

Jacob found Muscle and a Shovel in a local library, picked it up, read the back cover, checked it out and took it home. He started reading the book with his girlfriend, Ariel, via Skype. At the end of the book Ariel and Jacob were ready to become New Testament Christians. However, Jacob lives in Arvada, Colorado and Ariel lives in southern Louisiana.

The problem was that we couldn’t find a congregation where Ariel lived. We searched throughout the day (Thursday, August 22nd) for brethren in her area with no success.

I was on the phone that evening with Joe Brumfield and mentioned the situation to him, along with my anxiety about not being able to connect with anyone around Ariel’s community. Joe said, “Hey, I’ve got a good friend in that area and he’d love to help!” That’s when we connected with Brother Ira Fontenot. Ira and his wife set out to meet Ariel and find some water and Ariel was immersed by Ira August 23rd, along with Ariel’s friend Nykee. Jacob taught Ariel who taught Nykee before being immersed!

Now fast-forward a little. Jacob, living in Arvada, couldn’t find a New Testament congregation in his area, either. After weeks of searching with no success, Joe Brumfield did his magic again and found a faithful congregation in Westminster, Colorado (or at least I hope and pray I’m retelling the details of this story accurately). God’s providence never ceases to amaze.

Jacob Rutledge, who had already made two disciples before ever being immersed himself was finally able to find someone to baptize him for the remission of his sins and into our Lord Jesus Christ!

Jacob was baptized by Brother Sam Pace at the Northwest congregation in Westminster, Colorado. We rejoice with Jacob and the angels in Heaven!

What can we learn about this story? Isn’t it rich with points and principles? You don’t have to wait to share the gospel with others. When you’re excited about finding the Truth you want to share it with those you love. Satan will attempt to prevent our desire to obey God. Persistence pays huge rewards. God’s providence is ever-present for those who are seeking Him. We complain about today’s society and “this new generation,” but those in this new generation are seeking God!

How encouraging it is to see the “before and after” of a sinner coming to Truth and having the courage to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jacob and Ariel are enjoying their new lives in Christ! May God bless and be with them all of the days of their lives as they serve Him faithfully and lovingly!